How to fix mistakes with spray paint

Spray paint is a relatively simple way to get a soft, durable high gloss coating on almost anything. If you are using a can of spray paint or airless spray, you are bound to encounter occasional how to trade bitcoin spray paint bugs. Fixing these errors is possible and involves removing unwanted paint and reapplying.


  1. Level the area with fine-grained sandpaper and polish with a rubbing compound, if you need to correct run-offs after the paint has dried. If the paint is still wet, soften the drops with a camel hair brush. Reapply the spray paint into light layers, keep the sprayer or spray can in constant motion to avoid the same problem.
  2. Remedy harsh areas of “orange peel”. Allow the paint to dry, then sand until smooth. Keep the sprayer or spray can closer to the work surface as you re-cover, so that an crypto trading app undesirable texture of “orange peel” does not recur.
  3. Eradicates the “fish eyes” from the paint surface. These unsightly dimples result from surface contamination due to dirt, mold or moisture that has been trapped under the paint. Sand to the base or bare surface and thoroughly clean before reapplying the paint. If the paint is still wet, just remove the paint and clean the surface well. Always wash the work surface before painting to avoid this problem in the future.
  4. Repair the “stains” due to paint cryptocurrency trading software with lumps. Old, lumpy paint and dirty nozzles can cause this problem. Just sand the area before repainting. Mix the paint thoroughly before use and properly clean the spray nozzles after use to make spray paint stains a problem of the past.

Tips & Warnings

  • Wet sanding provides the best results and involves the use of specially designed water and sandpaper.
  • Apply the spray paint in thin, even layers and let dry between coat and coat for best results.
  • Always correct errors between layers, as applying another layer of paint never hides an error.
  • Different types of paint dry at different speeds. Follow the drying time instructions for the specific paint you are using.