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How to paint fabric chairs

Paint the fabric of an old chair, discolored or stained to give it a new look. While you can reupholster the chairs with new fabric, fabric painting existing paint special or a mixture of fabric paint is usually a cheaper alternative and less time consuming. Refreshes the seat of an old chair painted a mural or choosing a colored solid paint to completely change the fabric.


  1. Clean the seat of the chair to remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Mix equal quantities of satin latex paint with medium for fabric. Add water that is about one-half the amount of paint.
  3. Remove the fabric seat or cushion from the seat of the chair to prevent paint from falling on other parts of the chair and moisten the cloth with a water spray.
  4. Apply three thin layers of paint in the direction of the grain of the fabric or make a design of different colors. Uses the solid paint method for more professional looking results. Rub any balloon with sandpaper in the direction of the grain.
  5. Let the paint dry completely.
  6. Mix equal amounts of acrylic paint with medium cloth. Add a few drops of water.
  7. Paint a thick layer of acrylic paint in the direction of the grain of the fabric, softening it while you work.
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