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How to paint leopard stains

You can use a leopard print to decorate just about anything, from clothes to a baby’s room. The leopard print is a fun and daring design that can turn a common piece of furniture or walls into something that exudes style and drama. Although you can cover most surfaces with leopard print fabric, you can also paint these stains yourself. Painting them is also convenient for large areas or you cannot put cloth on top. There are a variety of techniques you can use to add leopard spots to your decor.


Buy the stencil of the repeated pattern of leopard spots at an art and craft store. Uses black or dark brown paints to delineate the stain; Make the border as thick or thin as you want. Use a lighter color, such as light brown or tan, to fill the center of the spots. You can also use a single color for the spots, if you want.

Cut a marine sponge to create leopard spots. Cut the sponge with scissors, giving the desired size to your stains. Soak the sponge in black or brown paint and apply the paint by gently pressing with the sponge. Apply more paint as the sponge needs it. Cut another smaller sea sponge to create centers of leopard spots. Once the paint is dry in the first spots, soak the smallest sponge in the lighter paint and apply it to the centers of the first spots.

Paint the stains freehand, soaking a small brush in black or dark brown paint to create the edge of the spots. Choose a brush size that will achieve the stains you want. For example, if you want small, thin spots, use a small thin brush. Leopard spots are usually imperfect circles; some parts of the circle will protrude more than others, or the circle may resemble a triangle of smoothed corners. Use your imagination to create spots, or look at the photo of a leopard to inspire you. It varies the thickness of the edges of the spots. Use a small paintbrush soaked in lighter color paint to fill the spots.

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