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How to paint oil dogs

The painting oil is one of the most popular media for artistic expression and has been practiced since the fifteenth century. Many artists are dedicated exclusively to this medium. Oil painting lends itself well to capturing the contents in a warm and textured way. Dogs have always been popular, as demonstrated by the German expressionist Franz Marc in some of his works. Find out how images oil painting of dogs show the warmth and nature’s best friend man in all his glory.


  1. Make a sketch of the dog before starting to paint. You do not need to do this, but it can be useful to fill the space you are using. The sketch does not have to be a perfect representation of your dog.
  2. Use brown, black, white, red and yellow oil paintings for your dog. You will be able to capture the colors and characteristics of any breed using these colors.
  3. Start with a medium brush and the outer color of the dog you want to paint. Use a photo for reference if you wish. Paint the outline first. Use long, soft strokes for a smooth, leather look. Hit the brush on the canvas to get a messier look.
  4. Add additional colors if you need them, depending on the colors of the dog you are painting. Mix colors as you go. Use turpentine or other thinner to achieve a smooth blend and adjust for light and shadow variations.
  5. Use a smaller brush to work the dog’s facial features. Details are not needed on oils. Touching the canvas with the tip of the brush gives you the base of the eyes, then simply use the brush to move the paint until you get the canine shape. Add darker colors under the eyes to give them depth. Add the dog’s mouth in the same way.
  6. Add the dog’s ears by drawing triangular shapes on the canvas. Do not worry about making exact lines. Adding color around them will create the right shape and texture. The oils close up look like stains, but if you look at the distance as a unit you will see the important lines. Make the tail with a single line and fill the shape when you paint the coat.
  7. Consider adding a background. If your dog is a puppy, paint it on your bed. You could add a dog shed. Another good idea is to place your dog on a rug in front of the fireplace. Make a simple background to focus on the dog, but add something appropriate to round your oil.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not worry about painting exact lines with the oil.
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