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The colors to paint a house

If you have in mind to remodel your house you should know that one of the most important aspects when it comes to remodeling is to choose the colors of the painting. Without a doubt, painting your home generates a very pleasant renewal sensation, but you must be clear which are the tones that most combine with the style and decoration of your house. Here I will give some tips for you to discover how to choose colors for painting a house and make it a place that looks great.

The color therapy teaches how different shades of colors affect your emotions and how you can make harmony decorate every corner of your home with the appropriate colors.

Believe it or not, the colors will affect you psychologically and physiologically; they have direct effects on your body as well as on your mood. Therefore, it is basic and essential to choose the right colors in your home, especially those that dominate the walls as these surfaces are larger and, therefore, the most amount of color possess.

To the room

For the most advisable Room is used warm colors , such as shades ground, paintings with touches of yellow, gray, and even a touch of red. These are warm colors that encourage sociability, I recommend using the light colors on the walls and imposing some touches of color on the accessories that are there, and this way you can change and renew the space with much more ease.

If you wish, you can paint a wall with a strong and predominant color, but without painting the whole space so that it does not look so dark and reduced.

For the kitchen

In the kitchen you can choose to wear orange and yellow colors, even with some hints of red, this will open a little more appetite. Also the Provencal colors, which are milder versions of the primary colors, are suitable for the kitchen.

For dining

As for the dining room, being a stay is usually integrated into the room or the kitchen, you must coordinate and complement your color with such stays.

To the bathroom

In the bathroom should prevail colors that provide sufficient breadth and clarity to it as such: beiges, vanilla, light blue or blue green water? It is also valid to use slightly more intense blue tones, this will create a relaxed and welcoming climate.

To the bedroom

Being a stay for rest the bedroom should convey peace, serenity and promote relaxation. Therefore the most recommended colors to paint it must be cold as violet, green or blue. Also ideal are the grays and browns not so dark, as they create a serene and elegant atmosphere.

On the other hand, the pastel shades of any color, which transmit sweetness and delicacy, are best suited for children’s rooms; so it would be most appropriate to incorporate touches of color into furniture, textiles and decorating accessories.

Seek harmony between color and light

Natural light

The choice of colors in your home depend on the natural light that it receives in each room. In dark rooms, light colors will be your allies and much more if these are warm, glossy or glossy tones.

 Artificial light

Lamps and bulbs greatly influence the appreciation of the colors of the house. Cold lights such as bluish, flatten objects; the warm ones, for example: the reddish and yellowish ones, contribute volume and relief.

The furniture

To achieve this effect of harmony in decoration, furniture should keep a close relationship with the color you’ve chosen for the walls. In small spaces you should combine them with the same color of the walls and thus diminish the visual load.

Practical tips on paint for your house

Before painting

Test with various colors of paint on the wall and see how they change during the day, according to the natural light they receive and under the effect of artificial light. This way you will avoid surprises.

Make testing

The websites of some paint manufacturers have very practical virtual tools to test colors and combinations, in addition, they also offer you their professional advice.

Once tone paint you like chosen notes proportions mix colors. Only in this way you can repeat the exact color if you need to use more paint.


Cannot just renew your walls changing the paint color. In the same way you can renew your furniture with specific products for wood, concrete, plastic, metal, cement and ceramics.

You know all this already have all the necessary knowledge of how to choose colors for painting a house do you dare to do? Remember that once your walls are painted you must clean them constantly so that they remain in all their splendor to the work!

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